This blog has been silent lately (promise I’ll get back to cool components soon). However I have not been without thoughts or work on what could/will benefit the Flex community.

For the last month and a bit I’ve been working closely with Juan Sanchez from ScaleNine in a collaborative effort to bring a graphics framework into the hands of the community. It’s called Degrafa (Declarative graphics framework).

We are in the midst of exposing the flash graphics api’s up to the MXML level. This means allot of things to allot of people. Both Juan and I feel that great steps toward visual design within Flex can be achieved with the Degrafa framework, and that the rewards of easier visual design will be accessible to all levels of Flex user expertise.

We won’t be stopping at just the api’s we will expand on them as well, and visual tool sets are also part of the plan.

I encourage you to take a look at Juan’s post introducing Degrafa today as well as the Degrafa blog. The samples on the blog will keep pouring out showing the different parts of the framework. We are wanting to do this incrementally.

If ever you felt that drawing in Action Script 3 or Flex was difficult/cumbersome or that skinning was a pain then you definitely want to keep a eye on this project.

Stay tuned, the first parts of the Degrafa framework will be available publicly very soon. We would greatly appreciate any feed back.

You can learn more here

Jason Hawryluk

14 Responses to “Degrafa: A declarative graphics framework for Flex.”

  1. Ross Says:

    Jason, you should really post that small item that you showed me the other day, to give people an idea of what is possible - it really is quite impressive.

  2. flexibleexperiments Says:

    Hi Ross :)

    Juan is working on a post for that one. Should be up in a day or 2.


  3. Brian Says:

    Looks really promising!

    1. How can we contribute?
    2. How can we obtain access to the technology? (e.g., I noticed that Coenraets appears to be using it)

  4. flexibleexperiments Says:


    Mr. Coenraets is using the rating component, not the Degrafa framework.

    Degrafa is not yet available publicly. Keep an eye on the site to keep up to date as to when it will be available. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    jason [at] degrafa [dot] com

    Thanks for your interest and visit.


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